The heritage vessel

  • Refillable container reduces plastic waste
  • Premium hand-stitched Excel leather
  • Crafted with lux metal alloy for durability

Lux & durable metal alloy
with hand-stitched leather
laser-etched logo (+$10)

The heritage vessel The heritage vessel

The compass vessel

  • Refillable container reduces plastic waste
  • Coated in premium rubber for durability
  • Lighter, smaller, and more travel-friendly

Lighter, smaller, & more travel friendly with durable satin rubber coating

The compass vessel

Antiperspirant & deodorant

  • For maximum protection
  • 24hr sweat + odor defense
Antiperspirant & deodorant Antiperspirant & deodorant

Sport deodorant

  • For Active Protection
  • Aluminum-Free
Sport deodorant Sport deodorant

Natural deodorant

  • For All-Natural Protection
  • Aluminum-Free
Natural deodorant Natural deodorant


  • fresh
  • clean
  • confident

Main notes:

English Ivy, magnolia flower, wild grass


  • casual
  • comfortable
  • free

Main notes:

Driftwood, Sea Salt, Water Mint


  • crisp
  • cool
  • adventurous

Main notes:

Bavaria Fur, Silver Sage, Irish Moss

Night market

  • sensual
  • warm
  • sophisticated

Main notes:

Lotus Blossom, Teakwood, Bamboo


what's included

  • - 1 Vessel
  • - 1 Refill Pod
  • - 1 Refill Subscription Plan

Starter kit:

(save )

Future Refills:

$12 $16 (save 25%)

One-time purchase

what's included

  • - 1 Vessel
  • - 1 Refill Pod

Starter kit:

Future Refills:


Step 1 vessel

just want a new vessel?

Step 2 formula

Step 3 fragrance

Step 4 subscription

Home scent hudson Hudson
Home scent coastline Coastline
Home scent trailblazer Trailblazer
Home scent night market Night Market

What's included:

Finally, deodorant designed for you. Helmm is the first premium antiperspirant & deodorant that is designed specifically for you, the modern man. Crafted with equal parts form and function, elevated in quality, and distributed through a subscription-based business model for optimal convenience. 

  • Starter Kit Includes:
  • 1 Helmm Container

  • 1 Refill Cartridge

  • 1 Helmm Subscription every 6, 7 or 8 weeks


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Live a Life Well Sweat

Sweat is a normal bodily function that happens when we adventure, explore, and step out of comfort zone.

So go out there and sweat. Helmm is here to help you adventure with confidence.